All the things! Selamta Family Dinners and then some...

It's official! Selamta Family Dinners are happening worldwide. 

September 15th (TODAY!) - October 15th! 


Some of our supporters were so excited to get started they already hosted their dinner in Rhode Island. Check out Elizabeth and Ruth's experience hosting a Selamta Family Dinner in Providence. They included some Ethiopian dishes but that's not a requirement. Whether it's PB&J, pizza delivery or a 7 course spread, it's YOUR dinner for YOUR friends and family that supports OUR Forever Families. Register to host a dinner today and we'll get your Host Kit in the mail ASAP. If you can't host until after October 15th, contact us and we'll help! 

Florida Friends - The Selamta Family Dinner Event scheduled for September 23rd will be rescheduled due to recovery from Hurricane Irma. We'll keep you posted!


Speaking of Hurricane Irma, our Florida Headquarters was hit hard on Sunday, September 10th. Located in Lake Placid, FL, our county, Highlands County, was one of the worst hit by the historic storm. As of this post, power is still out in 75% of the county and the clean up is extraordinary. School has been cancelled through most of next week already. We ask for your prayers and support as we work with our neighbors to put things back together.

Taking lessons from our Selamta Families who face power outages and overwhelming challenges on a regular basis, we are pulling together, sharing what we have and loving each other back to wholeness. 

Restoring wholeness and holistic care is the hallmark of Selamta Family Project.

We've had an incredible opportunity offered to Selamta Youth, Yezena. She was invited to participate in a summer program at Brewster Academy in Wolfboro, NH. She was welcomed and had an amazing experience. While spending the summer months in the US, Yezena was invited to represent girls around the world who now have access to education through our partner, She's the First at their Annual STF Summit in New York City. 


After returning to Maine with her amazing Heart & Home Family Sponsors, Matt Donovan & Anne Merra, Yezena was offered a full scholarship to attend Brewster Academy in the fall. She was THRILLED with the offer and started the process to get her travel visa converted to a student visa. But as quickly as we celebrated this extraordinary gift, Yezena became ill. What we first thought was a stomach bug, quickly turned more serious and Yezena was taken to Boston Children's Hospital. They discovered that she had serious issues with her kidney and urinary system. We are thankful to report that Yezena has gone through 2 surgeries to repair her system and is currently recovering at Boston Children's. It's an absolute miracle that Yezena was in the US to receive this care right when she needed it. We ask for your prayers and support as Yezena continues to heal. We also ask for your prayers and support as we walk through the visa process so Yezena can fulfill the tremendous opportunity offered to receive an education at Brewster Academy. 

Throwback pic of Menelik House celebrating in 2008 (ET 2001). 

Throwback pic of Menelik House celebrating in 2008 (ET 2001). 

We want to wish all of our Selamta Families and Friends a very Happy New Year - Ethiopian New Year!

It's now 2010 in Ethiopia. Learn a little more about dates and time in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is such an extraordinary place! And we're privileged to serve some of the most extraordinary people on the planet! 


We don't take for granted the gifts and opportunities presented to Selamta and the families we serve. You make this work possible. You are changing lives and changing our world, one Forever Family at a time.