Get a little inspired, eh?

Selamta Family Dinners are happening from coast to coast, and into Canada.

Hear from Cori, who just hosted a dinner with her foodie friends! 


Tell us about your Selamta Family Dinner:

"My dinner was elegant and heartfelt, with seventeen close friends and their families. A few volunteer hobby chefs and I created a number of classic Ethiopian dishes, which was an amazing experience. Following new recipes and introducing new flavors to the group was really fun. Everyone LOVED the food, including our wine pairings, popcorn, dessert, and a special cocktail made from hibiscus tea I brought home from Addis. I was able to share my experiences when I visited Selamta, but more importantly their mission and how the model was different, and special. I can’t wait to do it again next year!"


How did you encourage your friends to join you?

"I have a group of foodie friends and knew they’d be up for the adventure! I wanted to make sure they were getting their money’s worth so to speak, so priced the plate at $50 and added a bunch of extras to encourage buying a plate. We sourced many of the extras like decorations, cake, venue, etc for free which meant my donation could focus more on food and drink." 

What did your friends think? 

"They had a great time at the dinner! Everyone was really supportive of the Selamta mission, and a few were in tears looking at the pictures I had printed and reading the material provided." 

Final thoughts?

"Just go for it!! It’s a great excuse to get your group of friends and family together to share a meal, enjoy each other’s company, and raise some money for an amazing cause."