Outreach - hope for the future

Selamta serves 96 youth in 11 Selamta Forever Family Homes who have been orphaned or abandoned. But did you know that Selamta also serves 30 children across 15 families who were at risk of breaking apart before this intervention?

Selamta's Outreach Program works with families at a point of crisis who might otherwise be forced to give up their children for lack of resources and the inability to properly care for them. We come alongside families in crisis and work with them until they are able to support themselves again. The Tadesse family (right) is a part of our Outreach Program. Through financial resources, access to education, parental and vocational training, and employment guidance, our goal is to see that cycles of poverty are broken and each family has the hope of a bright future.

These are the Assefa children (left). For about 6 years, these kiddos lived in Axum House, a Selamta Family Home, because their mother could not care for them due to extreme illness and anticipated death. But over time, their mom got well, learned a trade, found stable employment and is now able to successfully care for her children again in their own home. This is an example of the power of family and how the Selamta model of care provides for and encourages this kind of empowerment and reunification.

We look forward to serving more families in need through 2015. Will you help us reach another 30 children through our Outreach Program?

I'd like to introduce you to Nardos and her mom, Nuneyat. Nardos is a 7 year old girl in Selamta’s Outreach Program. Her father passed away which forced her single mother to support herself and little girl all on her own. Her mother works as a daily laborer only earning about $1 per day. Life got too difficult for Nuneyat so she had to ask for help. The Women and Children Affairs Bureau of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia sent a request to Selamta to support Nardos so she can attend school. Nardos is now in grade two and has the opportunity to continue her education. Nuneyat no longer has to worry about school fees and uniforms but can gain the skills she needs to support her small family into the future.

Although they are currently served through our Outreach Program, Nardos still needs a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who financially supports Selamta with a monthly gift of $40 so we can continue the great work of bringing hope and restoration to lives torn apart by circumstance. But most importantly, a sponsor has the unique opportunity to connect with a child or family, build a lasting relationship and know that their contribution and support is going a long way to make a difference. For more information or to become a sponsor, visit our Sponsorship page. 

Forever families and bright futures...what a great way to "be at peace."