Selamta Family News - February 2017

2017 is already an exciting year for our Selamta Families!

In December Yezena, age 15, was brought to the US by our partner, She's the First, to take part in Glamour's Women of the Year Awards. Yezena shared her hopes for the future while representing girls around the world who now have access to education and bright futures. She was also able to tour US high schools and universities on the east coast while visiting many friends and Selamta supporters.  


Selamta Ambassadors - Emily and Lily served our families and staff in December and January by helping with college applications and written English language skills. Both made a lasting impact on our kids and staff and their projects live on as we wait for the first acceptance letter from US universities. Bilal, Haile Selassie House, is our first Selamta youth to apply to study abroad. Bilal took the SAT in the spring and has always been a strong student. He hopes to study world economics.  


Let Your Light Shine Bags - This Christmas, celebrated on January 7th in Ethiopia, all of our Selamta youth in Forever Families and our Outreach Program, received gift bags from our extended family at First Baptist Church in Lake Placid, FL. Each bag was stuffed with something special for that child along with notes of encouragement and prayer to remind them that friends halfway around the world are thinking of them and praying for them everyday.


Computer Lab - Through the extraordinary generosity of Steve and Claudia Franklin and Red Cross Ethiopia, our Selamta Community Center is now equipped with a fully-functioning computer lab including 9 work stations and internet access. This computer lab is a gateway to bright futures focusing on English language development, keyboarding, Critical Thinking online courses through Mawi Learning and expanded educational opportunities with our partner, She's the First.

Sami and Meski, 1st year university students

University Student Laptops - We are thankful to our incredible supporters who made it possible for our university students to have laptops. To the Barry Family who put the challenge on the table, for each person that sponsored a laptop at the Donovan's dinner party, and the volunteers it took to purchase, prepare and hand carry them to Ethiopia, we want to say a massive thank you! Twelve students now have academic resources at their fingertips to help them reach success. 


 "This laptop will be of great importance for me. I will be able to copy and read materials from other sources. Also, instead of printing materials, I will be able read using this laptop. That will save money and time. It will be easier for me to take notes. With this laptop I will improve my results. Thank you so much!" - Sami


Honor and Celebrate

Selamta has always been blessed with the most extraordinary people to serve our families. Even when a team member moves on, they stay connected to our families because the relationships they build are real and lasting. We want to honor the contributions of former team members, Dureti  and Yonas. They are treasured family members and all of us at Selamta would not be where are without their leadership and expertise.

We are thrilled to welcome our newest team members to the Selamta Family:

       Habtie  Muluye - Ethiopia Assistant Director

       Habtie  Muluye - Ethiopia Assistant Director

Please join us in congratulating Habtie Muluye, promoted to Assistant Director. Habtie has been an incredible part of our team as Outreach Social Worker. Habtie's dedication to our families, leadership among his peers and strong communication skills are the perfect combination for success in this position. 



What's Next? 

The Archibald Project - Their media team is taking a trip to Selamta. Look for great stories, images and videos coming out in March - follow Selamta and TAP on Instagram

English Summer Camp - Don't miss this opportunity to serve in Ethiopia! Not only will you get to hang out with the coolest kids on the planet and eat all the amazing food, your gift to our families is your language. Conversational English skills are the secret sauce to bright futures for our youth. Join us for 2, 4 or 6 weeks to be a small group counselor for English Summer Camp. Space is limited and we're accepting applications through May.

Semester Break Shenanigans - Our Forever Families showcased their smarts at our Question & Answer Competition during semester break in February. Each house nominated 2 youth to compete.  Surafel, of Tewodros House, took home the honors! 

Amazon Smile - Did you know that you can support Selamta while you shop on Amazon? Log into Amazon Smile, select Selamta Family Project and start shopping! Amazon will donate a portion of your shopping cart to Selamta. Doing good has never been so easy.