When We #Realize5, We Know Hope is Alive

Join us for Selamta's Family 5K | October 8-9, 2016

This year, Selamta Family 5K's theme is #Realize5 

It's about both awareness and action

With 5 million orphans in Ethiopia—or 13% of the child population—we have to acknowledge the enormity of this Ethiopian orphan crisis (awareness) and make Selamta's Model the compassionate solution (action). 

Together, we realize that if we come together for 5Ks in 5 cities, we can make an enormous impact in the lives of Ethiopian orphaned children. 

In the spirit of 5s, here's how Selamta is making a huge difference in the lives of its children and families.

5 Contributing Factors to Ethiopia's Orphan Crisis

  1. Extreme poverty
  3. Other poverty-related diseases like tuberculosis
  4. Lack of education
  5. Insufficient or unstable income

5 Ways Selamta Realizes the Dreams of Ethiopian Orphan Children

  1. We give orphans a new, loving Forever Family.
  2. We keep biological siblings together.
  3. We ensure children are embraced by their community.
  4. We provide a quality education and support youth through high school and university graduation.
  5. We launch healthy young adults into independence.

5 Testimonials That Show Selamta Love is Real

I was leading a bad and unsafe life before I joined Selamta. After I became part of the family, I got access to quality education, medical services and psychosocial support. In short, I wouldn’t be the same without Selamta. It made me a better person.
— Selam Ashenafi, High School Graduate 
It is a loving family. I can’t even express it
— Getu Tadesse, University Student
Selamta is unique, where you do not need a biological mother, auntie, sister and brother; We are all part of a loving family. Every child grows with a strong sense of belonging and togetherness.
— Belay Asfaw, College Graduate
It is my home on which my base is built. It changed me.
— Abel Mesfin, Launched Youth
Selamta is important in that it takes kids from the streets and changes their lives. It provides them with holistic support and love so that they fully integrate with the community in which they are living.
— Mekdes Chernet, College Graduate

5 Amazing Selamta Achievements In 2016

  1. We're adding a new family to our Outreach Program every month.
  2. 11 students have graduated from high school.
  3. 5 students will continue their university education this fall.
  4. 2 Selamta youth graduated from college in July.
  5. 4 Selamta youth launched from our financial support into independence.  

There are so many kids in need of a loving, stable family right now.

YOU can be the difference! Join us October 8-9, 2016 for Selamta's Family 5K in city near you—or anywhere you bring people together.

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