Story of Hope: Henok

Eleven years ago, a young boy named Henok, joined our Selamta family.  He didn't know his birth mother or father. He lived with a foster family for a while but they were unable to properly care for him over time. His experience is reflective of many children who lose their families at a young age in Ethiopia.  Thankfully, God made a way for Henok to come into Selama where he's grown up, surrounded with love and support, for the last 11 years. 

Then...Henok, age 11

Then...Henok, age 11

Now...Henok, age 22

Now...Henok, age 22

Growing up as one of the oldest in Selamta's Lucy House Family with 7 brothers and sisters, he's a great role model to his younger siblings. Although he is relatively quiet, when Henok opens up, he loves to make those around him laugh. He's a gifted soccer player and has been recognized for his outstanding efforts on the field. He worked hard in school and completed grade 12 but school was never his passion until he started college. In the fall of 2016, Henok began studying health information technology.

"It was Mama Selam who helped me not to quit when I was confused at the beginning. She advised me to not quit and to be hopeful."

"When I was a 1st year student, I did not know what I wanted and was a bit confused. But with the guidance and support of Selamta, I am on the right track. For instance, Tigist, Selamta's nurse, was the one who advised me to go on the practicum and she helped me in choosing the hospital for practice and helped me to be accepted. Zelalem, Selamta's Education Team Leader, is also supporting me through this process and facilitating with with provision of educational materials including the laptop I have which is very much important for the training I am having."

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"The health information technology training is already impacting my life. I was not that much into helping others before, but after a year of training and a chance to serve people in a government hospital setting for practicum purpose, changed my purpose for good. I now want to help those who need my professional help more than the money I can earn from doing it."

"People come to me even before they get in touch with emergency health professionals. They depend on my services before they can get access to other services even if their case is an emergency one. So if I messed up, I may put their life in danger or vise versa. This is how much it makes me responsible. That changes me a lot. I want to be a professional who impacts lives positively."

Henok's journey has just begun. His opportunities are endless now that he's discovering his purpose. Your support provides these opportunities and makes a difference in the lives of children. Every child deserves to know the love of family. 

We are thankful that Henok knows the love of a family, feels supported, and can make a difference for even more people.

“We have seen the complexity of the orphan crisis worldwide and wholeheartedly believe that Selamta’s mission is one of the purest answers in ending this tragedy.”
— Nick and Whitney Runyon, co-founders of The Archibald Project.