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What’s New at Selamta


Life is exciting at Selamta! Over the past few months we have welcomed new family members, and our kids have started new businesses, excelled in school, and found first jobs! We are so proud of all of them. Here’s more:

New Family Members at Selamta

This summer we welcomed three new members into our Selamta family! Masamancho, Mahawi, and Meheret have been embraced by the children and women of Hosanna House and have entered a new, joyful phase of their young lives. Congratulations also to our head mama Eskedar on her new baby, Mikiyas. Eskedar has done such a wonderful job training all of our Selamta moms because she is such a great mom herself. We couldn’t be more delighted for her and her beautiful family!

Young Entrepreneurs

What do you get when you combine smart, entrepreneurial kids with a micro-loan? Thriving businesses! A group of our young ladies approached us and asked if they could have a loan to start a hair- braiding salon for the summer. We were happy to help them get their first business started! It was a great learning experience and confidence 
builder. Robel worked with his older brother to make sandals out of used car tires. He sold them at the markets this summer, where they were very popular. If you’d like to buy a pair, contact and she can bring a pair back for you.

Our Kids are Smart!
At the close of last school year, thirty-one of our kids ranked among the top ten students
in their individual class. Sixteen of these children ranked among the top three students in their individual class! We are so proud of their hard work. To celebrate their academic achievement we took them out to a traditional restaurant for Ethiopian food and dance performance.

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