Selamta Stories

Creating Life-Long Families for Children Who Need Them

Selamta Stories


More than four million children in Ethiopia have been orphaned by AIDS in a country with no societal safety net. While some of these children are cared for by extended family members, most end up either on the streets or in overcrowded, substandard orphanages.

Selamta offers a unique, simple approach: we create new, lifelong families for children who have lost their own families through AIDS or other tragedies. Over the past six years, we have tested the power of a formula that takes children from the streets, reunites them with lost siblings, stabilizes them emotionally, and creates a new family around them. In the process, we have established new family homes in a constellation around a center that serves newly arriving children and the community at large.

Selamta is a unique and successful model, and our mission is to grow into a platform for positive change throughout Ethiopia, Africa and beyond.

We need your help. Learn how you can be a part of the Selamta project–help us help our world’s greatest asset: our children.