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IMG_3480Given the opportunity, children will thrive. Surrounded by love and support, opportunities become realities.

We are seeing extraordinary doors open this week!!!

Our beloved Tizita, age 16, in Selamta’s Gondar House since 2006, participated in an acting workshop enrichment program during a school break a few years ago. During that time, she met a young writer/director, Zeresenay Berhane Mehari, making a film called Difret.

Tizita was cast in one of the lead roles which tells the story of a precedent-setting legal case in Ethiopia that draws attention to the traditional practice of abduction for marriage. The film addresses the issues of violence against women and the changing role of women and justice in Ethiopia. Angelina Jolie is the Executive Producer of the film (BTW, she is so kind and genuine…what a gift to meet her!). When you have an opportunity to see this film, YOU MUST!!!

Two more of our kiddos, Tigist and Nardos, also have appearances in this film. We couldn’t be more excited for our girls!

This week, Tizita is in LA because this incredible film, Difret, is under consideration for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. Seriously!!! Can you believe it?! Totally incredible!

This opportunity and extraordinary experience is made possible because Selamta encourages all of our kids to pursue their interests. We focus on whole-person care knowing that all aspects of personhood must be nourished and resourced. This is only made possible with support from generous donors and, in particular, sponsors.

Our sponsors pledge monthly or annual support of our children, mothers and households. But their support goes way beyond the financial. Real relationships develop between our family members and our sponsors. We all become one family through this connection.

Tizita has repeatedly told me this week how the support and encouragement from her entire Selamta family, including volunteers and sponsors, has made such a huge difference in her life. As our founder, Carol Stone says, “Love multiplies; it doesn’t divide.”

While we celebrate this incredible opportunity and share in the excitement of this week, we remember that there are so many more children and women in Ethiopia who will also find their place in the world and thrive when given the opportunity.

This Christmas, our wish is that we are able to serve many more women and children, just like Tizita, in the future. We believe these opportunities will become a reality…with your help!

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Giving Thanks Mon, 03 Nov 2014 18:14:25 +0000


As we enter the Thanksgiving and Holiday season in the US, it’s important for us to give thanks for the many ways Selamta has been blessed this year. We are thankful for:

  • Happy and healthy forever families in Ethiopia
  • Dedicated supporters who give their time, talent and treasure to ensure Selamta’s success
  • Gifted Ethiopian staff who live out everyday serving our families
  • Volunteers and Ambassadors who travel to live with and serve our families
  • New friends who joined Selamta this year through our Lead the Way 5K and other events
  • Sponsors who build relationships with our children, youth, moms and families
  • New technology that lets all of us connect in new ways even though distance separates us physically
  • Our rich history as an organization and those who laid the foundation on which we build
  • Parter organizations who support us through donations, expertise, training and new opportunities
  • Seeing our kids grow from children to youth to university students – EXTRAORDINARY!
  • Opportunities for our moms to learn new skills and find their own independence
  • Hope for the bright futures of our families!

Our simple Thank You can’t begin to cover the depth of gratitude we hold for each of you who are a part of Selamta Family Project. It certainly takes a village a raise a child and we are so fortunate to have a worldwide village involved in the raising of our families!

Marisa Stam – US Director

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