Get Involved!

Get involved with Selamta! We need all kinds of help, from on-site volunteers to fundraisers here at home. Why should you help Selamta? Simply put, Selamta works: it is a simple model for change that is remarkably effective. It can be replicated anywhere, not only in Ethiopia, but all over the developing world.

Become  a Sponsor…Join the Family

You can sponsor a child, a mother or a household. Become a monthly sponsor and join the family!

Take a Trip

Join us on a 1 to 3 week Vision Trip or Service Trip to meet and work alongside our Selamta staff and families in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The people, the coffee and the overall experience will change your life and enrich the lives of others. Looking for an internship or extended experience?  Become a Selamta Ambassador and work with our Ethiopian staff for 1 to 3 months.

Raise Money and Awareness

You can fundraise through your school, group, or organization. We want and need your help! Together, we can make a difference!