Become a Sponsor

Sponsor a Child, Join a Family When you become a sponsor at Selamta, you become part of the family. You’ll form a unique bond with a child, sibling group or family as you get to know each other through updates, photos, and letters. You can make a huge difference in the lives of terrific kids! Here’s what your sponsorship provides: An $800 Full Sponsorship completely nurtures a child for an entire year by providing school fees & materials, tutoring, small savings account, & everything your child will need to succeed. A $400 Half Sponsorship helps towards half of what it costs to provide everything above. A $5,000 Family Sponsorship sustains an entire household of nine kids, a mom, and auntie at Selamta for a full year. A $360 Outreach Sponsorship helps take care of a child in an HIV positive home for one year. Learn more about our Outreach Program.   Think about this: For less than $2 a day, you can give a child a hand up to success! Many of our sponsors join with other families to co-sponsor a child or house. You can, too! Join our Selamta family. You’ll be glad you did. To learn more about sponsoring opportunities at Selamta, contact Mia Brown at