the orphan crisis

The population of Ethiopia has surpassed 100 million.

50% of the population is under age 18.

Over 5,000,000 children are orphaned and abandoned.

THE SELAMTA MODEL IS a revolutionary and sustainable SOLUTION.


We believe that long term social change is possible: 


The Selamta Difference

According to Unicef and other leading organizations for children, stable families are the most successful model for social change and renewal.

Each family is fully integrated and active in their community, breaking social stigmas about orphans. 

No child ages out. Independence is determined by readiness, employment and self-sufficiency, not a birthdate. 

One size does not fit all. We focus on the needs of each individual child.

Real Family. Real Love.

Forever FAmily program

You can't tell one of our Forever Family homes from any other traditional family home in the neighborhood. Eight to 10 children come together with a Selamta mom to create a new, permanent family. 

Mothers are supported by our professional staff. They receive tools and resources to lead their families well. Many of our mothers were previously marginalized by society suffering their own trauma and loss. With a new purpose and supportive resources they are thriving heads of household. 

Selamta Families share personal struggles and triumphs. The bonds of love and family carry well into the future. Family is less about location and a physical structure and more about the people we grow with in life.

outreach family program


Selamta comes alongside families at-risk of breaking apart. With access, opportunity, and a network of support, we are helping biological families stay together.   

Prevention is critical in ending the orphan crisis of Ethiopia. Many desperate parents are faced with giving up their children; not because they want to, but rather the task of providing seems near to impossible due to health, socioeconomic and other restrictions.

We walk alongside biological families through their crisis and into success. We partner with the whole family, working alongside parents to secure education and employment, and help them move toward self-sufficiency.

I thought brotherhood and sisterhood would only come from blood-relationship. But Selamta showed me that the old adage “meweled kuankwa new” (blood is just expression) is true. When I see other organizations, I realize how lucky we all have been. It is a loving family. I can’t even express it.

Selamta Youth