Through our Outreach Program, we come alongside families in their point of crisis and provide support so they can stay together as a family. Many desparate parents find themselves faced with giving up their children; not because they want to, but rather the task of providing seems near to impossible due to illness, the cost of living, absence of resources and support, and lack of education. Many parents hope for a better future for their children, and feel that it can be provided elsewhere. With this, we are seeing more “orphans” come to our door, that fortunately still have families that love them.

We walk alongside biological families through their crisis and into success. We provide access to education and employment opportunities for the caregivers, so they can grow to be self-sufficient. We partner with the whole family to ensure that each child has access to quality education, safe housing, medical and wellness care and nourishing food. Through a loving family, a safe home, whole-person care and additional developmental resources, our Outreach Families have bright futures.