Raise Funds for Selamta

Our goal is to give kids who have lost their families to HIV/AIDS new, stable, life-long families. But we need your help. Your efforts help us raise money to welcome more children into care at Selamta. This means more children will have family, educational opportunities and continuous medical care. Your commitment and compassion will make a big step toward the positive changes that are needed in Ethiopia. The children at Selamta will renew your spirit because of their love, courage and determination to make the most of their new lives.

How can you help? Lots of ways! Here are a few fundraising ideas that our volunteers use that are very successful.

Change-for-Change Fund Raiser: Our volunteer Kristen had a great and easy way to raise money and awareness about the AIDS epidemic and our work in Ethiopia. She collected big tin cans from restaurants, washed them out and wrapped Change-for-Change flyers on them. She then went around to local business and asked if she could leave the cans and some flyers for donations. Most people said yes! Kristen collected the money every week and after four months, had raised $4,325! You can raise money for the Selamta Family Project at an organized school, church or community events, too. Set up an information table and ask people to make small donations. Your group can reach a $500 fundraising goal at a school play, concert or sports activity!

Fund Raise for Necessities: Volunteer Letha knew that we needed toothbrushes and toothpaste for our kids. She went to work to create a fun way for people to donate. Letha bought a pink and blue washcloth at the dollar store. She rolled up a toothbrush, and toothpaste and tied a ribbon around both. She then went to her church and asked if everyone could donate five dollars so she could present all of the Selamta kids with new “smile kits”. It worked! Letha collected over $800 in two weeks of Sunday services. Work to raise money by organizing your own event. The money you raise will help pay for dental care, vaccinations, new clothing and many other necessities for our children. Call the office and ask what is on our “most needed” list!

Throw a Selamta Party! Two of our volunteers, Bayle and Bray, wanted to raise $5,000 to sponsor an entire Selamta home. They put together a gala Selamta dinner and invited everyone they could think of. Their goal was to have 125 people to attend. They found a beautiful restaurant that helped with the cost, charged $75 a ticket and made the tables look inviting and fun. They played Ethiopian music, showed pictures of the Selamta kids on the projector and even had some Ethiopian food for everyone to taste. When desert was being served the ladies stood up and asked for donations to help them reach their goal. They did it! The ticket sales, minus the cost of the food, added up to $2,103, and donations added up to $2,846. Bayle and Bray are now having a dinner every year and invite the same people who donated to check in on how “their” house is growing. Then they ask for donations again…great job!

These are just three ideas for raising funds to help Selamta. If you need more ideas or want some help organizing your own fundraising efforts, just contact us or ask for our fundraising guide. We are happy to help!