You are part of the solution

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You are restoring family, dignity, and hope through Heart & Home sponsorship. Becoming a sponsor is a tangible way to help us end the orphan crisis.

Your monthly or annual gifts meet the daily needs of our families and create space for genuine, loving relationships that bring hope into each heart & home.

Even if you are half a world away, your support encourages our children and families. They will know that you care; believing in them every step of the way. 

Let's change forever, together. 


Program Sponsorship

Provides the operational funding necessary for Selamta to deliver on our mission and provide holistic support. 


Child sponsorship

At both Friend and Mentor levels, you are matched with a specific child, and will receive updates twice yearly to stay connected and engaged. You are invited to write back notes of encouragement. 

Two friend sponsors will join together to provide a full sponsorship ($1,200/year) for one child. 

A full Mentor sponsorship provides all the cornerstone resources a child needs to thrive.


Family sponsorship

Provides Forever Families with safe and secure homes full of love all year long.

I am happy to be able to support my child, Tigist, at Selamta Family Project. Developing a long-term connection with her and seeing her grow has been an amazing experience. I am aiming to see her become a happy, productive Ethiopian adult and feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the Selamta Family Project.

— Letha Mills - Heart & Home sponsor and former Selamta board member

For additional questions about Heart & Home Sponsorship at Selamta, get in touch through our contact form. 


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