STEP 1: Read through Selamta’s Trip Guide

STEP 2: Sign Medical Relase form.

STEP 3: Sign Code of Conduct form.

STEP 4: Pay or fundraise your trip fees.

STEP 5: Book your flights. Please work through Selamta’s Trip Coordinator to ensure you arrive with the Selamta team.

STEP 6: Send your booked flight itinerary to Selamta.

STEP 7: Update your passport if it expires within 6 months of your return date, or get a passport if you don’t already have one.

STEP 8: Send Selamta a copy of your passport via email.


STEP 9: Get any necessary vaccines.

STEP 10: Apply for a tourist VISA, if staying for longer than 3 weeks.

STEP 11: Book a hotel, if not staying at Selamta’s Community Center (please ask for recommendations).

STEP 12: Register your travel plans with the US State Department.

STEP 13: Read Selamta’s Cultural Awareness Guide.

STEP 14: Print first and last pages of Trip Guide (step 1) and keep with you during travel - you will need the contact info at immigration in Ethiopia.

We can't wait to have you with us in Ethiopia!