The whole staff at Selamta believes in me. They always tell me I can be somebody I want to be. - Senayit

My kids love me, that is for sure. I can tell from what they say and do. - Menbere

I enjoy playing with my children. I like to listen to their stories and jokes. I feel bad when I am alone at home. I like my kids to be around even if they are disturbing me. - Menbere 

If my mom is out doing business, I am the one usually responsible in the kitchen serving meals. That makes me feel accountable in life. - Mihiret Asfaw

Everyone in the family believes that I am honest. Keeping money and purchasing items is usually left for me. - Mehari

Now that two of my older siblings are in two universities, I am the eldest child in the house. My mother and aunt are now giving me the full responsibility to look after my younger siblings. - Belisuma

My dad died when I was little, so I don't remember much about him. But I, with my two younger brothers, entered Selamta when my mom was bed ridden, and she died a fewmonths later. That was the saddest moment, and I was so torn apart and disappointed by the unfairness in the world. Then my Selamta family was with me all the time, supporting me and showing me what I still had in the world. They were all giving me all the love that helped me through the emptiness I felt then. I now feel I have all the things I need. My family. - belisuma

Selamta provides children with holistic support so that they fully integrate with the community that they were living. - Mekides

Selamta is my home on which my base is built. - Abel